How To Use Dishwasher Pods In Older Dishwashers

How to Use Dishwasher Pods in Older Dishwashers? Answered!

You might be perplexed about how to use dishwasher pods in older dishwashers. Dishwasher pods or tablets are small, concentrated blocks of dishwasher powder. However, some pods may contain dishwashing gel in addition to or instead of powder. They are small tablets containing a large amount of concentrated detergent sufficient for one dishwasher wash cycle.

Dishwasher pods are an excellent way to clean your dishes without wasting water or energy. As a result, they are a great way to save money on your utility bill while also making cleaning up after dinner much easier. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to use dishwasher pods in older dishwashers and answer some questions people ask a lot.

How to Use Dishwasher Pods in Older Dishwashers?

How To Use Dishwasher Pods In Older Dishwashers

Dishwasher pods are simple to use. Many of them are non-hazardous to the environment. They are also simple to use because you do not need to measure them before use.

To begin, open the bottom of your dishwasher and look for the pod holder located in the front of the dishwasher on top of the silver metal rail. When you buy new pods, you place them in the pod holder.

An older dishwasher may lack a pod holder in favor of a plastic or cardboard box that holds multiple pods. Remove all other pods from the box and place them in your new pod box to fill it with pods.

When finished, close your dishwasher and turn it on. A click should indicate that everything is working properly and is ready for use! If your dishwasher does not have a separate cup for liquid detergent and prewash soap, do not put the pod in the main compartment where you would typically place the liquid or powdered detergent. Put the pod in either the Rinse Aid Compartment or the Soap Compartment.

Pods are supposed to work with a one-of-a-kind dispenser that keeps them from clumping together. However, older models lack this dispenser and frequently have holes in the bottom of the pod itself, which means they can become stuck inside your dishwasher if not flushed out beforehand.

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The best way to avoid this issue is to ensure your old machine is empty before inserting a new pod. If you accidentally add one while it’s still full, water may become trapped inside and ruin your machine’s seals, or it may fill up any nooks and crannies where soap and food debris accumulate over time, leading to mold buildup or other problems.

How Do Dishwasher Pods Work in Dishwashers?

How Do Dishwasher Pods Work in Dishwashers

You might already be aware that dishwashing pods boost dishwasher wash cycle efficiency by releasing the right amount of cleaning agent. But, if you’re not, I’d like to explain in detail how dishwasher pods work in dishwashers. 

Dishwasher pods can help you clean dishes with a small amount of soap mixed with water. When you insert the pod into your appliance’s detergent dispenser drawer and turn it on, the pod will fall to the bottom of the machine and dissolve in hot water. As the cycle progresses, the detergent will spread throughout the dishwasher and clean your dishes.

The dishwasher uses the same method to clean your dishes. Instead of soap, one of the ingredients is a chemical added to the water supply. This chemical aids in the removal of dirt and grease from utensils before they enter the machine’s heating system.

The dishwasher pod itself is made up of a small amount of concentrated detergent. It’s a small pod, but it’s powerful enough to clean every dish in the machine. Surfactants, which act as a cleaning agents to combat various types of dirt, are typically found in detergent pods. The exact ingredients vary depending on the brand of dishwasher pods you use.

How Do You Put Detergent in an Old Dishwasher?

How Do You Put Detergent in an Old Dishwasher

One of the most common questions we get from people who have old dishwashers is, “How do I put detergent or dishwasher pods in an old dishwasher?” The good news is that it is totally simple!

To get started, place your old dishwasher on its side and remove it from the wall. Remove the detergent dispenser panel from the bottom of your dishwasher with a screwdriver or other tool that allows you to remove it without using any tools. 

Remove any screws that are holding the panel in place before sliding it out. It will reveal an opening through which you can insert your detergent packet. Close the panel and replace all the screws to ensure that nothing falls out while you fill your dishwasher with new detergent!

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What is the Best Dishwasher Detergent For Older Dishwashers?

What is the Best Dishwasher Detergent For Older Dishwashers

Using a dishwasher detergent or pod in an older dishwasher is a good idea. It will keep your dishes clean and help them last longer. So, what is the best dishwasher detergent for old dishwashers?

Enzyme-containing dishwasher detergent is the best to use. Enzymes are naturally occurring substances found in food that can break down substances such as grease and grime.

They are more effective than other washing powders because they help remove all types of stains, including baked-on food stains, which are extremely difficult to remove using traditional methods.

When you use this cleaning powder, it leaves no residue behind. Instead, it cleans your dishes thoroughly without leaving an oily film on them.

The detergents listed below are among the best and include everything you need for a thorough cleaning experience.

  1. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets
  2. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent Gel
  3. Dawn ultra-Dishwashing liquid dish soap

What Happens to the Plastic in Dishwasher Pods?

What Happens to the Plastic in Dishwasher Pods

Typically, there is a thin coating that wraps the dishwasher pods. It keeps the pods from sticking together in the bag and keeps them fresher for longer. But what happens to the film in the dishwasher?

Polyvinyl alcohol, also known as PVA, is the thin wrapper used to wrap most dishwasher pods. PVA dissolves perfectly when it comes into contact with water. It will decompose into carbon dioxide and water when exposed to the right conditions. It’s a non-toxic wrap that will biodegrade under the right conditions.

If you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, you should use powder detergent. You can also make your own!

How to Shop for Dishwasher Pods Like a Pro

How to Shop for Dishwasher Pods Like a Pro

When shopping for the best dishwasher pods for your old dishwasher, you need to consider certain things.

Most dishwasher pods come in one of three varieties: gel, powder, or a combination of the two. PVA, or polyvinyl alcohol, is a water-soluble coating deemed safe by several agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). On the other hand, powder pods are usually wrapped in individual plastic packets that you remove before putting them to work in the dishwasher. There are several options available that are plastic-free or less wasteful options available if you want to avoid or minimize your use of plastic.

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When it comes to cleaning products, particularly dishwasher pods, the right ingredients for you are entirely dependent on your needs. While some ingredients are objectively better for the environment, such as sodium carbonate and glycerin, others, such as fragrances and dyes, may only irritate those with sensitivities. In that case, natural dishwasher pods are the best option.

While synthetic, natural, or a combination of both fragrances are more likely in chemical cleaners, natural cleaners are more likely to be unscented or naturally fragranced with essential oils. Those with sensitivities avoid fragrance entirely, claiming that these additives can cause “allergic reactions and chemical sensitivities” in some people. Dishwasher pods come in a variety of scented options for those who don’t mind a little fragrance, with popular options including lemon, citrus, or “fresh” scents.

Best Dishwasher Pods For Old Dishwashers

1. Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

Powder dishwasher pods are ideal for those who prefer powder dishwasher detergent in a convenient, compact form. Because of their scrubbing cleaning power and high-quality ingredients, Ecover’s Automatic Dishwasher Tablets are our top pick for the best powder dishwasher pods. These pods are a favorite of Kellogg’s because they are cruelty-free and contain plant and mineral-based ingredients like sodium citrate and glycerin. These pods also have the ability to remove hard water stains and shine dishes. 

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets are available in unscented and citrus-scented varieties for those who prefer a light fragrance. While the packaging of the dishwasher pod is made of recycled materials, the pods are individually wrapped in plastic wrappers to protect and preserve them from humid conditions. Still, depending on your municipality, you can easily recycle them. You can even snap these pods in half for lighter loads, which is something not all dishwasher pods can do.


  • The formula is biodegradable and phosphate-free.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Made with plant-based and mineral ingredients that are renewable.


  • Expensive.


Well, that’s it for this article on how to use dishwasher pods in older dishwashers! If you have an older dishwasher, consider using dishwasher pods as a great way to clean your dishes while using less water and energy.

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