How Long Do Turkey Meatballs Last In The Fridge 1

How Long Do Turkey Meatballs Last In The Fridge?

Cooked ground turkey is such a versatile ingredient when cooking a meal! It is versatile enough to be served as-is with condiments or sauces, shaped into meatballs, or even formed into homemade burger cutlets. It makes sense why numerous housewives prefer to prepare it in batches before using it.

But now comes the dilemma that plagues everyone worried about the safety and freshness of their food: how long do turkey meatballs last in the fridge? I have decided to write this article for you today in which I will address this and some more questions you might have in mind in detail.

How Long Do Turkey Meatballs Last In the Fridge?

How Long Do Turkey Meatballs Last In The Fridge

We all know that storing food in the refrigerator ensures its safety and shelf life. In contrast to sitting out at room temperature or on a warm kitchen counter, where bacteria can quickly multiply, refrigerated goods will maintain their freshness and shelf life for a more extended period.

When properly refrigerated, cooked turkey meatballs will last 3 to 4 days. It will only do so if the food is properly sealed and packed, though!

Alternatively, if you want to increase the shelf life of your cooked ground poultry by a significant amount, consider freezing it!

How to Seal Cooked Turkey Meatballs For Longer Storage?

How to Seal Cooked Turkey Meatballs For Longer Storage

Storing your meat in airtight containers will ensure that it stays fresh for longer and won’t spoil in your stomach. It won’t stay edible after a few days of storage if you throw it into the fridge unattended! Therefore, remember these simple packing guidelines if you need to store your cooked turkey meatballs for a more extended period and intend to freeze or refrigerate them.

Put the turkey meat in a shallow, lead-tight sealed tank before refrigerating it. You may also use some sturdy plastic or aluminum foil for food storage. Cooked turkey meatballs should be stored in an airtight container and frozen for later use. 

Alternatively, get one of those sturdy freezer bags. Additionally, you can choose a wrap that is intended exclusively for use in the freezer, such as one made of aluminum or foil. Such storage conditions are required for the cooked ground turkey to remain edible during the time frame shown in the chart.

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Is Turkey a Healthy Food?

Is Turkey a Healthy Food

Today, many people are worried about the quality of their food because we all want to eat healthily. There are, of course, varying points of view on the topic of meat. Some claim that all meat is unhealthy for us because it puts too much weight on our stomachs, among other things. Others contend that some types of meat are safe and may even be good for our health.

Turkey is an excellent source of protein, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and the amino acid tryptophan. Turkey is an excellent choice for those on a diet due to its high protein and low-fat content in its white, skinless meat.

As a result, you are now familiar with the fundamentals of how to store cooked ground turkey at home. We explained how to pack the meat for additional storage along with how long this meat will keep in the freezer and refrigerator.

Additionally, you now understand what makes this poultry so advantageous and healthful, as well as several delectable dishes you can prepare with it.

How To Buy Ground Turkey For Turkey Meatballs

How To Buy Ground Turkey For Turkey Meatballs

When buying a ground turkey that you plan to use in making turkey meatballs, you need to know in detail how to buy it.

In the same way that not all slices of beef are made equally, so are all packages of ground turkey. As a whole, ground turkey has a reputation for being tasteless and dry. Like ground beef, ground turkey can come from various regions of the bird or have varying amounts of fat. For instance, you can use white and black flesh to make 85% of the lean turkey, and some ground turkeys may have some fat to prevent overcooking. 

As a result, when you head to the market to get ground turkey, you must know what kind it requires. Turkey breast makes for relatively lean ground meat, but turkey thighs and drumsticks are more like beef in their fat content. Be careful; certain meat products labeled “ground turkey” may include a combination of white and black meat.

Sauces benefit more from lean ground turkey, whereas burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs do better when made with ground turkey, including the darker meat. The label for ground turkey often lists the meat-to-fat ratio. However, you can consult your butcher to learn which kind of turkey will work best for your dish.

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Additionally, you might request that your butcher combine a special turkey thigh or breast mix. The color of fresh turkey is pale pink. The package should not have any odors and should feel cool to the touch.

How Long Can Turkey Meatballs Sit At Room Temperature?

How Long Can Turkey Meatballs Sit At Room Temperature

If you want to make a meal and planning to head out to pick up something you might have missed, you may be curious to know how long your turkey meatballs can sit at room temperature.

You can leave your turkey meatballs at room temperature for at most 2 hours, whether frozen, cooked, or uncooked. If the inside temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, the time frame drops to an hour.

Ground turkey can get into the temperature risk zone between 40°F and 140°F, if left out for an extended period, despite most people leaving it at room temperature. Bacteria will contaminate the turkey to the point where it is unsafe to eat.

Best Turkey Meatball Maker

1. QMOEH Non-stick Meat Baller

QMOEH Meat Ballers are safe to use because they are crafted from 304 stainless steel that is approved for use in food preparation. The meat baller tongs with the removable rubber grips are incredibly simple to clean after use to avoid bacterial contamination. The meatball maker is ideal for use with meat baller tongs for dishes like cake bites, pasta, cookies, salad, pastries, BBQ, brownies, appetizers, and melon balls, among other things. It is also utilized as cookie dough scoops for the kitchen, cake pops, and ice tongs.

The smooth surface of the QMOEH stainless steel meat baller tongs prevents food from sticking to them, making cleanup simple. The meat baller is simple to use. Simply place the minced meat on the scoop, clip it, and the leftover meat will squeeze out of the hole. QMOEH Meat Baller comes in two different sizes (diameter: 1.38″ & 1.89″), both of which have ergonomic, non-slip grips that make using the tool a breeze.


  • Use with ease thanks to the ergonomic handle design.
  • The rubber better protects your fingertips on the handles.
  • Food-grade materials that are dishwasher safe make cleanup simple.


  • Not quite sturdy.
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2. Shape+Store Meatball Master

Look no further if you enjoy eating meatballs but dislike cooking them. The Meatball Master saves time by simultaneously creating 32 meatballs, eliminating the need to roll or scoop them. The Meatball Master uses leaner beef that has not been overworked, making for more soft meatballs. Put your mixture in the bottom tray, then cover the container.

The Meatball Master makes it easy to portion out perfectly formed meatballs, and the revolutionary Shape+Store method eliminates freezer burn by eliminating air from the container. To ensure that your meatballs are available whenever you need them, it is also stackable and straightforward to locate. If you make your meatballs uniform in size, they will cook more quickly and evenly.


  • Easy to use
  • It helps make tender and uniform meatballs
  • Great for use when freezing meatballs


  • The shape makes it a bit difficult to wash

3. Aiuuee Sausage Stuffer Meatball Maker

The Aiuuee Sausage Stuffer Meatball Maker is constructed entirely of food-grade PP and stainless steel, meaning its body is safe for direct touch with your meat. Non-toxic, odorless, non-displacement, and non-slip properties make them safer. The bottom is made of thick non-slip rubber, so you won’t be sliding around the kitchen when using it. It’s multipurpose, can replace your meat scraper, and get the job done whether you’re making meatballs or sausages. The bucket’s big capacity makes it ideal for filling, and its polished edge makes it easy to use.

You can switch the mode anytime, and assembling it is simple. This sausage stuffer is simple to use, even by youngsters, and only requires a short amount of time to complete. After each use, you may quickly and easily dismantle the sausage stuffing machine by removing the main body, twisting the tube, and putting everything back together. The machine is easily maintained by washing it in warm detergent-filled water and letting it dry before putting it away.


  • You can use it to make sausage and meatballs
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Easy to refill


  • Expensive


Knowing how long do turkey meatballs last in the fridge is essential so you can provide nutritious meals for your loved ones. You can stop rummaging around the back of your fridge, wondering if that turkey meatball is good because you know how long it lasts there.


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