can you store meat in a mini fridge

Can You Store Meat In A Mini Fridge? Answered!

Mini fridges are tiny, portable refrigerators that may stand alone and fit in a small space. Mini fridges are ideal for small spaces like college apartments, offices, motels, hotels, automobiles, and more because they provide sufficient cooling power in a more manageable size.

They are usually used as containers for storing everyday necessities or quick meals. Additionally, some versions of mini fridges come with a little freezer perfect for drinks, ice cream, or different desserts already installed. In this article, I’ll answer a question I’ve seen people ask: can you store meat in a mini fridge?

Can You Store Meat in a Mini Fridge?

can you store meat in a mini fridge

Mini fridges are the go-to option for people living in a small space or looking for something for a small space like kitchen, dorm, bedroom, etc. With regards to how small it is, there’s no doubt that it wouldn’t be as cool as the regular fridge. You’ll have to be cautious of what you store in it. So, can you store meat in a mini fridge?

Yes, you can keep cooked or raw meat in your mini-fridge. But, it should only be there for a brief period. However, your mini fridge’s quality will determine how long you can preserve meat and other perishables. In various circumstances, a good quality mini-fridge can perform better than a regular house fridge.

The mini-freezer fridge’s section can effectively freeze food because of its ability to maintain temperatures below the freezing point of water. The seller should provide you with this data, but if you’re provided with even the most basic details, you can verify them independently.

The US Food and Drug Administration suggests a mini fridge temperature of 40°F (4°C) or less for storing meat. You only need a thermometer if you want to experiment to see if a mini fridge can achieve these temperatures.

Put a thermometer in a glass of water, then put the glass inside the mini-fridge for a whole day before checking the temperature. You can make use of both the fridge and freezer compartments. Review the outcome and adjust the temperature as necessary.

What Can I Store in My Mini Fridge?

what can i store in my mini fridge

As we are previously aware, the number of items stored inside a mini fridge is also constrained. So, what can you store in it?

You can keep nearly everything for your daily needs in your mini-fridge, depending on its capacity to maintain a certain temperature.

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What you can keep in your mini fridge depends on the type and quality of the appliance as well. For instance, the more small room mini fridges can keep your prepared dishes and other raw foods at 40°F. Although, it’s important to remember that they can do so momentarily.

Therefore, the mini fridges can store raw meat, sausages, and other barbecue ingredients for that period if you’re embarking on a road trip and intend to bring them along.

However, storing these raw, delicate foods in mini fridges is not advised if you intend to keep them there for an extended period as you run the risk of contracting deadly bacteria.

Moreover, other products like fruits, vegetables, etc. don’t need to be stored at 40°F; you may store them in mini fridges with no problem. Some other things you can also keep in your mini fridge are:

  • Eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Breast milk
  • Fast food snacks
  • Leftover dinners
  • Beverages like juice, soda, and so on 
  • Milk and milkshakes

You may also use your mini fridge to keep your nail polish, face toner, night creams, and other cosmetics cool and dry. It’s important to remember to check the recommended temperatures for storing these goods before putting them in your fridge.

Do Mini Fridges Get Cold Enough?

do mini fridges get cold enough

Are you planning to get a mini fridge but worried that it’s size will mean that it wouldn’t be cold enough for you? Well, I’ve got you covered.

Yes, a mini fridge is cold enough. If it’s a high-quality brand, a mini fridge can reach temperatures lower than those of any normal fridge’s freezer.

The small fridge’s compact design can easily maintain temperatures between 35°F to 45°F. However, it is important to remember that mini fridges don’t immediately reach their full functional capacity.

Most mini fridges begin cooling within 3 hours of being purchased and plugged in. Afterward, it takes roughly 24 hours to achieve their maximum cooling capacity.

Can You Use a Mini Fridge as a Freezer?

can you use a mini fridge as a freeze

Mini Fridges are slowly becoming a go to for people that are in need of something small to cool their stuff. But can you use a mini fridge as a freezer?

Yes, some mini fridges come equipped with a mini freezer. Most mini fridges come equipped with a freezer by default.

However, with certain mini fridges that don’t have one, like the mini freezer, you can mechanically modify the machine to make it a freezing device.

You must install a thermostat that permits the temperature to fall below freezing to convert a fridge into a freezer. Since fridges run above specific ranges, you’ll have to understand how to take the old thermostat out and install a new one. A trained specialist should carry out this process.

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What Can I Only Eat With a Mini Fridge?

what can i only eat with a mini fridge

Students who reside in dormitories or hostels for colleges frequently wonder or ask themselves questions about this subject. So, what are the things you could eat if you only had a mini fridge?

Food leftovers, vegetables, snacks, fruits, and liquids like water, milk, juice, and numerous beverages are the most often consumed products.

All of them can fit comfortably and be kept in a compact mini fridge unit for a long time. Additionally, one can keep dairy products and nutritious goods like yogurt and hazelnuts in storage.

Different Types Of Mini Fridges

different types of mini fridges

To help you tell your mini-fridges apart, I’ve broken them into four categories.

  1. Micro fridges
  2. Compact fridges
  3. Beverage centers
  4. Road trip and camper mini fridges

Here are the reasons you can use any of the mini fridges listed above.

  1. Micro Fridges

Micro fridges are primarily used to store drink cans and some foods. Although, their use has grown to include additional things, including breast milk and cosmetics. They weigh only approximately 5 pounds (2 kilos) and have dimensions of roughly 9.45 x 6.89 x 10 inches (24 x 17.5 x 25 cm). Despite their tiny size, they are more than merely susceptible to cold. A few of these little appliances can change their temperature with a button. Although they are susceptible to high temperatures above 77°F (25°C), they can withstand temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C).

  1. Compact Fridges

The compact fridge is the most well-liked mini fridge on this list. Compact fridges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some merely feature a cold area, while others also include a freezer. They offer a more durable cooling system than mini fridges, making them safer to keep delicate objects. Among college students and single persons, compact fridges are fairly common.

  1. Mini Beverage Centers

The purpose of mini beverage centers is to store your preferred alcoholic beverages. They come in a variety of styles; some are intended specifically for beverages; others are made specifically for wine (also known as a “wine cooler” or “wine center”), and you can even purchase a combo. They can become chilly enough to accept your food and beverages as well. Most of them can experience temperatures as low as -1°C, or 30°F.

  1. Road Trip And Camper Mini Fridges

Mini fridges for road trips and camping were created especially for these activities. They are made to fit a variety of automobiles comfortably. They are ideal for storing anything you need because most are designed to hold food and beverages. These incredible mini fridges double as freezers and can withstand temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C).

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Best Mini Fridge for Storing Meat

  1. Black+Decker Energy Star Refrigerator With Freezer

The Black+Decker Energy Star Refrigerator With Freezer looks like a high-end designer model due to its elegant appearance. However, it is far less expensive. Its capacity and performance are comparable to those of more expensive devices. It has an ice tray and a separate freezer area and provides 3.2 cubic feet of storage. 

This mini fridge has glass shelves that are movable and adjustable. So, it is possible for you to fiddle with the arrangement until you discover one that works for you. A two-liter bottle and six 12-ounce cans can fit inside the door, and there is also a smaller storage shelf for things like yogurt or condiments. You can be sure that this refrigerator will fit in your area thanks to leveling legs and a door you can turn around.


  • It doesn’t make noise when running. 
  • You can reverse the door hinges.


  • It doesn’t have a crisper drawer.
  1. Café Built-In Dual-Drawer Refrigerator

If you add a little refrigerator to your kitchen, make it the Café Built-In Dual-Drawer Refrigerator. It has upscale features like soft-closing drawers and stainless steel inside. A movable divider is included in each large-capacity drawer to aid organization and increase storage capacity. The doors include alarms that go off if a drawer is left open, and the LED internal lighting makes it easy to see what’s within.

Sabbath Mode is an additional feature that turns off the fridge’s lights and sounds to meet with religious observances. Design lovers will be happy to learn that this exquisite freezer is available in three base colors with five hardware options, allowing you to complement just about any kitchen design already in place.


  • It features drawers that softly close. 
  • It features an alarm that sounds when a door is left open.
  • Available in three base colors.


  • It costs a lot more than the average mini fridge. 


Mini fridges are a great benefit since they are small, use little electricity, and keep your food and drinks cold. They are suitable for various situations, including living in a dorm room, having a small kitchen, traveling, camping, and having a small house or office.

Although you can store meat in a mini-fridge, it’s best to ensure it doesn’t stay there for too long or will go bad. Also, you must confirm that your mini fridge can maintain the abovementioned temperatures.

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