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Where To Put Toaster Oven In Small Kitchen? 6 Easy Ideas!

If you don’t have a large kitchen, one of the things you’re always concerned about is where to keep your appliances. When it comes to storing kitchen appliances like a toaster in a small space, you must be creative to avoid clustering. For this reason, it is important that you understand or know where to put toaster oven in small kitchen.

As lovely and functional as a toaster is, if you don’t plan ahead of time how you’ll store it, it’ll just become another item crowding your kitchen, which you don’t want. Because this is a frequently used appliance, it should not be kept in a difficult-to-reach location. At the same time, you shouldn’t let it obstruct your path or clutter your kitchen. In this article, I’ll carefully explain some of the options you have to put your oven in a small kitchen.

Where to Put Toaster Oven in a Small Kitchen

Where To Put Toaster Oven In Small Kitchen

  1. Pullout Drawer

One of the best places to keep your toaster oven is in a pullout drawer. It keeps the appliance out of sight while also making it easily accessible. You take it out of the drawer whenever you need it and put it back when you’re finished. This will help you conserve space.

  1. Shelf

Shelves are a great option if you want the toaster oven out of the way but still want to display it. When it comes to shelves, you shouldn’t limit yourself because there are so many different ways to use them. If you don’t already have one, you can build one and keep your toaster on it. You can also purchase a toaster storage box to place the appliance in before placing it on a shelf or elsewhere. Well-built shelves will also improve the aesthetics of your kitchenette.

  1. Under Cabinet

The toaster oven can be mounted under a cabinet. This works well if you have a toaster oven that includes a mounting plate. The countertop beneath it then serves as a landing zone. It is possible to add a pull-out board beneath it that can also serve as a landing area. Cabinets are an excellent way to save space by concealing equipment.

  1. Appliance Garage
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Installing a cabinet on your counter can serve as an appliance garage. Although this still takes up some space, it conceals your oven and other appliances. You don’t come across them by chance because they’re hidden away.

If you choose the appliance garage, make it large enough to not take up too much space. Otherwise, the purpose of having it would be defeated. Another advantage of using the garage is that you can design one that matches your style and blends in with your décor. After that, you can enjoy having the best toaster oven in your kitchen.

  1. Countertop

You can place your toaster oven on the counter. If you have a space in the corner, the appliance will fit perfectly because it will not be in your way. It will also have enough landing space for the food that you prepare.

  1. Cabinet

If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can also store your toaster oven in a cabinet. If the cooking equipment is not too large, this is extremely convenient. You only bring it out when you need it and then put it back in the cabinet.

Can You Put A Toaster Oven In A Cabinet?

can you put a toaster oven in a cabinet

If you have a toaster oven but wondering if it is a good idea to put it in your cabinet, then I’ve got you covered.

Yes, you can put your toaster oven in a cabinet. A cabinet is an excellent place to keep a toaster oven, especially if it is rarely used. Because a toaster oven is a small appliance, you can easily move it from the cabinet to the counter when you need it.

A toaster oven can be safely stored in a cabinet if it is rarely used. However, if you intend to use the toaster oven in the cabinet, this is not a good idea. It is preferable to remove it before plugging it in. While having those burning embers in your cabinet may look cute, there is far too much risk involved.

However, if you intend to permanently install a toaster oven in a cabinet, you must consider both ventilation and heat protection.


Because the exterior of the toaster oven becomes extremely hot while in use, ventilating it is the best way to prevent fire. When cooking becomes messy, ventilation is also essential. When you open the oven door, burnt-on bits of food at the bottom can produce a smoky plume. Odors linger.

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Most manufacturers recommend a 4″ clearance around the sidewalls and top of the toaster oven. Check your toaster oven’s instructions for specific installation instructions. If you use a toaster oven inside a cabinet, keep the cabinet door open to allow for ventilation.

Heat Protection

If you are concerned about not meeting the recommended ventilation clearance for cabinet installation, consider lining the cabinet’s walls and ceiling with a heat guard.

A heat guard will also help to preserve the integrity of your cabinetry by preventing unsightly stains caused by splattered grease and released steam.

How Can I Hide My Countertop Appliances?

hide my countertop appliances

If you have tons of appliances lying around on your countertop, you might be wondering how you can hide them to avoid overcrowding or clustering.

Install custom cabinetry to create an appliance garage in your kitchen. Consider it like converting your kitchen into a multipurpose pantry.

Hide appliances behind a stylish facade with sliding drawers and shelves. Your kitchen counters will be clutter-free. Most countertops will be concealed as well. Simply open a cabinet or drawer to gain easy access to ready-to-use appliances such as the coffee maker, toaster oven, juicer, and standing mixer.

You should probably consult a professional to design an appliance garage because there are numerous factors to consider, such as:

  • Depths of drawers and shelves
  • Installation of electrical outlets
  • Tambour doors vs. sliding shelves/drawers vs. lifting doors for access

Once you’ve decided to go the custom cabinetry route, there are countless options for creating a functional, chic kitchen.

How Do You Install a Toaster Oven Under the Cabinet?

install a toaster oven under the cabinet

It’s a good idea to install a toaster oven under the cabinet if you have one. This will free up counter space and make your kitchen appear more organized. So, how do you install a toaster oven under the cabinet?

To install your toaster oven under the cabinet, remove the appliance’s base and attach it to the underside of the cabinet. Use the screws and/or anchors included with your toaster oven.

After you’ve finished installing it, replace the base and plug it in. Your toaster oven is now out of the way and doesn’t take up any counter space!

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You can hire a professional installer to do this for you, or you can try it yourself. Before you begin, ensure to read the instructions carefully.

What Do I Put Under My Toaster Oven to Protect the Counter?

put under my toaster oven to protect the countertop

If you are hesitant to install your toaster oven under the cabinet, you can always place something on the counter to protect it. So, what can you put under your toaster oven to protect the counter?

A heat-resistant trivet or cutting board will do the job nicely. Silicone baking mats are another viable option. If you don’t have anything else, a kitchen towel will suffice. Simply make sure that whatever you use is large enough to cover the entire countertop space where the toaster oven will be located.

To ensure your safety, the manufacturer of your toaster oven will provide you with specific instructions that must be followed. Toaster ovens can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but they are usually insulated or elevated so that they do not damage the surface beneath them.

Best Toaster Oven for Small Kitchen

  1. Breville Compact Smart Oven

The Breville Compact Smart Oven’s electronic controls and preset cooking programs for bagels, cookies, and pizza (up to an 11-inch pie) make it a breeze to use. In our tests, it quickly browned toast, baked a beautiful cake, and roasted tender potatoes and chicken. The nonstick coating makes cleaning a breeze. The control panel is also very user-friendly, and the stainless steel design is sturdy.

Finally, there’s something to be said about a 4.6 star rating on Amazon from over 4,000 reviews. If you need more space, the Breville Smart Toaster Oven Air, which can hold nine slices of bread or a five-quart Dutch oven, performed admirably in our tests.


  • Food is heated quickly and evenly.
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple to clean.


  • Expensive.


You don’t have to avoid purchasing a toaster oven because you don’t have much space in your kitchen. I’ve given you several options in this article for where to put toaster oven in small kitchen. You will undoubtedly find one or two that suits you. All you have to do is choose an idea and put it into action. Once you’ve mastered this, your home, particularly your kitchen, will appear larger, cleaner, and more organized.

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