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Is Sherry Vinegar the Same as Sherry Cooking Wine: What’s the Difference?

Sherry wine may not be as well known as sherry vinegar. The exquisite Spanish sherry wine is the source of both kinds of sherry, so what makes them different? Here you’ll be able to tell if Is Sherry Vinegar the Same as Sherry Cooking Wine.

Sherry wine is used to make sherry vinegar. Special white grapes from Spain are fermented by yeast to produce sherry wine. Acetobacter bacteria ferment Sherry wine to produce sherry vinegar. The alcohol is converted to acetic acid by these bacteria. Thus, sherry vinegar has a higher acidity. 

Sherry wine and sherry vinegar are both used in cuisine. However, they are not swappable. Each has a distinct function. Keep reading to learn more about how to utilize them the next time you are in the kitchen.

What Is Sherry Vinegar?

What Is Sherry Vinegar

Before you understand the difference or spot the difference between Sherry cooking wine and Sherry vinegar, you need to know what sherry vinegar is.

White grapes cultivated in Andalusia, Spain, are used to make the fortified wine known as sherry. Gourmet wine produced from sherry is known as sherry vinegar.

The three main grapes used to make sherry wine—Palomino, Moscatel, and Pedro Ximenez—are also the main components used to make sherry vinegar. Because each of these grapes has a unique flavor, the vinegar has a unique quality. 

Palomino imparts a fresh and zesty flavor to the vinegar. Contrarily, Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez are sweeter grapes that balance the sweet and acidic flavors of the vinegar to give it a rich flavor. 

Oak barrels are used to store and ferment sherry vinegar for at least six months. They can, however, also be kept for two to ten years. They get increasingly concentrated the longer they are kept in storage.

What Is Sherry Cooking Wine?

What Is Sherry Cooking Wine

Before you understand the difference or spot the difference between Sherry cooking wine and Sherry vinegar, you need to know what a sherry cooking wine is.

Sherry cooking wine is a cheap wine that imitates the taste and appearance of an actual sherry. However, the sherry is of poor quality and has been salted. 

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Despite being a wine, you aren’t intended to sip it straight up or incorporate it into other beverages like cocktails. Sherry cooking wine is useful when a meal needs sweetness or a little alcohol. 

It is golden in color and has a lovely scent. After fermentation, brandy is added to the base to boost the alcohol concentration.

Sherry vs Sherry Vinegar: What’s the Difference?

Sherry Cooking Wine Vs Sherry Vinegar-What's the Difference

Sherry vinegar and sherry cooking wine are two different products, although they both originate from sherry, as previously mentioned. Here are a few of the more significant differences. 

Sherry wine is used to make both sherry vinegar and sherry cooking wine. The southern Spanish region of Jerez is where sherry is produced. Sherry wine undergoes fermentation to produce sherry vinegar. So, despite being a little stale, it is entirely sherry. However, sherry cooking wine is not made only from the sherry. It is a wine that has been combined with brandy and salt. But sherry wine originated in southern Spain and served as the foundation for both sherry vinegar and sherry cooking wine. 

Sherry vinegar and sherry cooking wine have slightly different flavors from one another, although both items are made from wine. A nuttiness and caramel-like flavor offset the sherry vinegar’s crisp, more acidic flavor. The flavor of vinegar gets more pungent with age. On the other hand, wine used in sherry cooking has a flavor similar to a dry sherry wine with a hint of nuttiness. It’s possible to argue that both have a similar flavor, except that one is acidic while the other is sweet and nutty. 

The color of sherry vinegar is deep amber with hints of mahogany. On the other hand, Sherry cooking wine comes in various hues, including light golden, mahogany, and even red. 

Even without refrigeration, sherry vinegar has a longer shelf life. Sherry vinegar can be used for a prolonged time if the container is airtight and kept in a cool, dark location. Sherry vinegar has a longer shelf life than sherry cooking wine. 

You can use it for one to three weeks after it’s been opened, and it can remain unopened for up to 12 months. After a month of opening it, it is not suggested to utilize it. Ensure the container is sealed and kept in the refrigerator. Sherry vinegar has a longer shelf life than sherry cooking wine, just like any other vinegar.

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Is Sherry Vinegar the Same As Sherry Cooking Wine?

Is Sherry Vinegar the Same As Sherry Cooking Wine

Sherry cooking wine is derived from sherry wine. It is a low-quality sherry wine that has been salted. Sherry wine is fermented to produce sherry vinegar. Gourmet products are defined as having an acidity level of at least 7. So, is Sherry vinegar the same as Sherry cooking wine?

Despite coming from the same fortified wine, cooking sherry and sherry vinegar are two separate things. Sherry vinegar is a fermented wine with the same distinctive acidic or sour note as other vinegar, whereas cooking sherry is a wine similar to Madeira or Marsala. 

Another dry red or white wine can be used in place of cooking sherry to make a variety of recipes. Sherry vinegar used to flavor sauces and dress salads, is most comparable to balsamic vinegar. A dry white or red wine, as well as Madeira or Port, can all be used in place of sherry vinegar in a recipe, even though they are very different.

Can You Substitute Sherry Cooking Wine for Sherry Vinegar?

Can You Substitute Sherry Cooking Wine for Sherry Vinegar

The fact that they don’t taste the same makes substituting sherry cooking wine for vinegar a bad idea. Sherry cooking wine is sweet, but sherry vinegar has a somewhat higher acidity. Avoid using sherry cooking wine instead of vinegar to be on the safe side. 

For both of these, there are other alternatives, though. For instance, dry red or white wine can be used instead of sherry cooking wine and sherry vinegar. 

You can also use other wines like Madeira, Marsala, and Port instead of sherry cooking wine. 

It’s also beneficial to know that there are various sherry cooking wine alternatives that aren’t alcoholic, like the following:

  • Vanilla extract
  • Orange or pineapple juice
  • Vinegar + sugar + water
  • Vinegar + chicken stock/water

Your intended usage of sherry cooking wine will determine how many of the alternatives you need.

How to Make Sherry Vinegar From Sherry Wine?

How to Make Sherry Vinegar From Sherry Wine

It’s simple to make sherry vinegar at home. Three basic ingredients—vinegar starter, sherry wine, and water—are all required. 

In the container, you intend to use, slosh the vinegar starter. Cover all interior surfaces completely. Mix two cups of sherry with four glasses of water to temper the strong wine flavor. Place your container with the ingredients inside. 

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Rubber-band the container shut after covering it with cheesecloth or paper towels. Set the container aside for at least three weeks in a warm, dark area. The minimum amount of time required to prepare the vinegar is three weeks. But it may also take up to six months. 

Smelling it is the only way to be sure. After the fermentation is complete, sift the vinegar using cheesecloth or a coffee filter before bottling it.

Best Sherry Vinegar and Sherry Cooking Wine Substitute You Can Try

1. Marukan Genuine Brewed White Rice Vinegar

One of the greatest white rice vinegar on the market is where we begin our list. No additives are used in the Marukan Genuine Brewed White Rice Vinegar production. It is prepared from actual rice vinegar that has been 4.3% acidified by water dilution. There are additional benefits to using this vinegar. It has been confirmed to be prepared entirely organically from non-GMO rice.

The product is also 100 percent vegan, kosher-certified, gluten-free, and allergy-free. You may be thinking that it is clear at this point. But as we’ve already said, a lot of rice vinegar contains many chemicals. Thanks to these verification seals, this product is as pure as possible!


  • Sugar and salt-free acidity and sourness
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan


  • Expensive

2. Iberia Lemon Juice from Concentrate

Without having to slice and squeeze fresh lemons, Iberia 100% lemon juice makes it simple to add a delectable lemon taste to dipping sauces, marinades, or even drinks or juice. Without cutting and pressing real lemons, it enables you to enjoy the flavor of lemon. 

Iberia lemon juice complements a variety of foods and beverages with its acidic flavor and sour, fluid viscosity. Add a splash of Iberia lemon juice to your drinks and meals instead of cutting or squeezing whole lemons.


  • Great taste, great value
  • Good value for money
  • Bottles are large


  • Expensive


Sherry cooking wine and sherry cooking vinegar are two varieties of cooking wines. Since they are both made of sherry wine, the fact that they share a portion of their names is not a coincidence. 

However, because it is prepared from fermented sherry wine, sherry cooking vinegar has a higher acid content. Therefore, using one instead of the other is not a good choice. Dry white wine and rice vinegar are excellent alternatives to sherry while cooking.

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